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I am a student of the world, an amateur organic farmer, writer, and a loving adoptive father of both dog and cat. I have worked as an organizer, a fundraiser, and an activist promoting human rights, sustainable practices, and responsible stewardship of the Earth. I have spent time pursuing creative expression through both music and drama, performing in dozens of stage productions, and a very brief and inauspicious local TV appearance. In academics as a child and teenager I exhibited "potential" and excelled when challenged, but also exhibited the polar opposites of boredom and truancy as I wrestled with a lifelong innate inquisitiveness and questioned a great deal of what was taken for granted by society as a whole. There seemed to me, from an early age, to be an attitude of accepting injustice and going along to get along, without questioning assumptions or thinking critically. The college environment allowed me to challenge myself, and to be challenged by the faculty. Having completed my degree work in political science with honors, and having worked in the non-profit sector until the economy soured recently, I am at a crossroads. Likewise, I believe that we in this country, and humankind as a whole, are at a crossroads. One direction will lead us towards a modern-day renaissance of human cooperation, innovation, and progress and prosperity; a trajectory towards an enlightened and sustainable future. The other direction that we could take, starting with the wrong choice of Mitt Romney, will lead us rapidly through shortsighted greed to increasing chaos, fear, disease, and war as resources are stretched to the breaking point due to failure to adopt the true changes that are needed now more than ever.

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